The campus which was initially established to offer teaching programs in Management Sciences and Commerce related disciplines. The campus have relevant infra structure and necessary facilities required for a modern teaching institution. SaBac (Punjab University) places great emphasis on demand-oriented education and our educational programs has been designed to make a homogeneous blend of theory and lab work. On account of excellent location, the campus has become first choice of the students pursuing Management, and Commerce degrees. We will be successful in converting the campus into a family that we term as “SaBac family” which comprises of students and SaBac employees. We planned to remain in touch with the graduates even after their graduation and try to help them settle in the new and challenging environment of their work places through guidance and counseling. The teachers at SaBac have a parental approach towards the students and are available for guidance and help. The support staff is equally helpful and courteous.

Why Choose SaBac?

The choice of an appropriate educational institution is always a critical one. The decision becomes even more crucial for aspirants of undergraduate and postgraduate education since it plays a pivotal role in shaping their careers. One usually looks for best return on the investment he/she is making. Education is no exception to this rule and the factors that one must keep in mind while selecting an institution are:

Recognition of the program being offered

Qualification, experience and commitment of the faculty

Student-teacher ratio

Quality of curricula for various programs

The frequency of review/ updating of curricula

Opportunities of research work

Library, laboratories and other facilities

Co-curricular activities

Environment provided by the institution

Acceptance of graduates in the market

Overall reputation of the institution