Bachelor’s in Computer Sciences (BSCS)

A bachelor's program in computer science trains students to design and manage computer infrastructures, networks, and software which typically takes four years to complete
The course is designed for students who are intersted in pursuing career in growing field of computer science's and IT. The coure structure of BS(CS) program is designed by Academic Council of PUCIT to meet all the Syllabus requirements of the University of the Punjab.

Note: SABAC will strictly follow the rules and regulations of Punjab University.


The minimum duration for completing the course for the degree of BS (CS) shall be 8 semesters and maximum 12 semesters.

Admission Eligibility

  • A person holding Intermediate Certificate, A-level or an equivalent certificate from any recognized Institute with at least second division or overall 45% marks, or any other marks specified shall be eligible to apply for admission.
  • Admission will be on open merit basis.
Semester 1
Subject Course Code Credit Hrs
Introduction to Computing CMP-100-3 3-0
Calculus1 MA-101-3 3-0
Electricity & Magnetism NS-103-3 3-0
Probability & Statistics MA-120-3 3-0
Writing Workshop EN-101-3 3-0
Total 15
Semester 2
Subject Course Code Credit Hrs
Programming & Fundamental CMP-140-3 3-0
Calculus II MA-102-3 3-0
Basic Electronics NS-105-3 3-0
Linear Algebra MA-110-3 3-0
Digital Logic Design CMP-120-3 3-0
Programming Fundamentals Lab CMP-141-1 1-0
Digital Logic Design Lab CMP-121-1 1-0
Total 17
Semester 3
Subject Course Code Credit Hrs
Object Oriented Programming CMP-244-3 3-0
Professional Ethics HM-240-2 3-0
Social Science Elective/Introduction to Economics SS-201-3 3-0
Discrete Maths CMP-201-3 3-0
Computer Organization & Assembly Language CMP-223-3 3-0
Object Oriented Programming Lab CMP-245-1 1-0
Computer Organization & Assembly Language Lab CMP-224-1 1-0
Total 17
Semester 4
Subject Course Code Credit Hrs
Data Structures & Algorithms CMP-210-3 3-0
Software Engineering CMP-290-3 3-0
Theory of Automata & Formal Languages CS-211-3 3-0
Humanities Elective/Intro to Psychology SS-220-3 3-0
Communication Skills EN-212-3 3-0
Data Structures and Algorithms Lab CMP-211-1 1-0
Islamic Studies and Pakistan Studies HM-210-3 3-0
Total 17
Semester 5
Subject Course Code Credit Hrs
Analysis of Algorithms CS-312-3 3-0
Object Oriented Analysis & Design CMP-291-3 3-0
Operating System CMP-325-3 3-0
DataBase Systems CMP-370-3 3-0
Technical and Business Writting EN-305-3 3-0
Database Systems Lab CMP-371-1 1-0
Total 16
Semester 6
Subject Course Code Credit Hrs
Artificial Inteligence CS-360-3 3-0
Web Engineering CS-340-3 3-0
System Programming CS-321-3 3-0
Web Engineering Lab CS-341-1 1-0
Computer Networks CMP-330-3 3-0
Computer Networks Lab CMP-332-1 1-0
Compiler Construction CS-342-3 3-0
Total 17
Semester 7
Subject Course Code Credit Hrs
Technical Elective/MC CS-443-3 3-0
EAD CS-442-3 3-0
Technical Elective/SQA CS-493-3 3-0
Computer Architecture CS-426-3 3-0
Capstone Project I CS-497-3 3-0
Total 15
Semester 8
Subject Course Code Credit Hrs
Technical Elective/HCl CS-452-3 3-0
Social Science Elective/Intro to Sociology SS-470-3 3-0
Foreign Language/Arabic Language HM-421-3 3-0
Social Science Elective/Project Management SS-412-3 3-0
Capstone Project ll CS-497-3 3-0
Total 15

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